Institutional access to the cryptoeconomy

Why AKJ Token?

AKJ Crypto is reinventing the enterprise model. We are using AKJ Token to help professional investors “get off zero” with managed exposure to crypto. AKJ Token:

  • 01. provides diversified exposure to the cryptoeconomy, through the top hedge funds on the AKJ Crypto platform
  • 02. pays up to 25% of net revenues from the AKJ Crypto platform, with a 2.07% yield paid in 2020
  • 03. generates inherent market demand from platform funds, motivated to hold the token for both investment and utility attributes
  • 04. offers participation in a captive fund of funds that charges no fees and was ranked as the top-performing fund in its peer group globally
  • 05. fuels a platform that is already complete, in market, and rapidly acquiring clients, and
  • 06. provides the comfort of a regulated, award-winning fund platform with a well-established global brand.

AKJ Crypto is operated by AK Jensen Group Limited. The group and its subsidiaries, established in 1995, are owned by shareholders who, combined, have more than US$18 billion in assets under management. The group serves hedge fund and institutional clients in 35 countries around the world.

A word from us

Neal Mitra, CEO, talks to Nick Fitzpatrick of Funds Europe, explains the various levels of crypto exposure.

Revenue sharing components

AKJ Crypto FoF

AKJ Digital Assets FoF — the fund of funds and seed capital provider

The fund of funds (the ‘FoF‘) that invests in selected hedge funds on the AKJ Crypto platform. Proceeds from the token offering will be held in the FoF, providing funds with seed capital, and token investors with access to capital appreciation generated by top managers. Up to 25% of all net revenues and capital appreciation generated by the FoF are shared with token holders.

AKJ Core

AKJ Core — the legal and regulatory foundation

The legal and regulatory infrastructure for crypto hedge funds, with tier-one providers and regulated entities managing all components necessary. Up to 25% of net revenues from annual regulatory and infrastructure fees are shared with token holders.

AKJ Port

AKJ Port — the trading system and asset management services

An institutional-quality service for trading, storage and settlement, enabling hedge funds to manage and trade in digital assets. Includes integration to multiple exchanges and access to custody services and wallets. Up to 25% of all net revenues from transactions, trading systems and storage are shared with token holders.

Offering details

Stage One Private
Initial Security Token Offering (STO) 30% of tokens
Stage Two Public
At $200m in assets on the platform 20% of tokens
Stage Three Public
At $2bn in assets on the platform 20% of tokens

Token allocation

  • Stage One participants

    30% of all tokens

  • Development and reward programs

    10% of all tokens- issued in Stage One

  • Stage Two participants

    20% of all tokens

  • AKJ Crypto plc

    20% of all tokens- issued in Stage Two

  • Stage Three participants

    20% of all tokens

Maximum number of tokens to take part in revenue sharing until Stage Two: 400,000,000

Maximum number of Tokens to be issued: 1,000,000,000


AKJ focused on developing substance and going live, before launching the token, under the following roadmap:

  • Q2 2012

    Launched the AKJ Hedge Fund Platform, onboarding and serving hedge funds as an assembly line.

  • April 2016

    Won the first HFM European Services 'Best Hedge Fund Platform' award.

  • Q4 2016

    Initiated developments of AKJ Port, a gateway to multiple crypto exchanges with integration to custodians, using the ecosystem’s systems and experience.

  • Q1 2017

    Reorganised the traditional AKJ Hedge Fund Platform’s legal and regulatory architecture to accommodate digital assets, as AKJ Core.

  • April 2017

    Won the second HFM European Services 'Best Hedge Fund Platform' award.

  • Q4 2017

    Signed the first pilot fund on AKJ Core's Cayman platform.

  • February 2018

    Signed the first pilot fund on AKJ Core's Malta platform.

  • March 2018

    Established AKJ Crypto plc as token issuing company and platform administrator. Aim to develop true substance and revenues before launching.

  • April 2018

    Won the third HFM European Services award 'Best Hedge Fund Platform – Emerging Funds'.

  • January 2019

    Launched the AKJ Digital Assets FoF and its Capital Allocation Programs offering seed and accelerator capital to qualifying crypto funds on the platform.

  • April 2019

    Won the fourth HFM European Services 'Best Hedge Fund Platform' award.

  • May 2019

    With the initial crypto hedge funds and the FoF live and generating revenues for Shareout to Token holders, launched the main Stage One offering of AKJ Token.

  • January 2020

    Stress-tested regulatory platform and token model with regulators.

  • July 2020

    Completed spinout of AKJ Crypto from its legacy parent, achieving greater independence.

  • December 2020

    Completed Brexit-restructuring plan.

  • January 2021

    Commercial expansion of platform through strategic acquisitions and vertical integration.

  • At $200M AuM

    With funds managing $200m on AKJ Crypto, conduct Stage Two, the secondary public offering under a prospectus, to assist a ramp to $2bn in AuM. Raised capital will be held in AKJ Digital Assets FoF.

  • At scale

    With strategic partners, leverage the platform and its installed client base and evolve AKJ Port to include an exchange function.

  • At $2BN AuM

    Conduct Stage Three of the now public security token offering, selling the remaining 20% of tokens to fuel the next stage of platform growth (from $2bn to $20bn+ AuM), with raised capital to be held in AKJ Digital Assets FoF.

  • Later

    Collapse AKJ Traditional Hedge Funds onto the AKJ Crypto platform, and consolidate as a single platform, for aggregation power for clients and to the benefit of AKJ Token holders.

  • Later

    Leverage the position as the digital hedge fund platform to establish an equivalent status in the overall financial marketplace, as it evolves to become a digital financial marketplace.


AKJ Hedge Fund Platform is operated by a team of more than 70 members.

  • Jensen Anders 3 2
    Anders Kvamme JensenFounder & Chairman
  • Neal Mitra New Torso 3 2
    Neal MitraCEO AKJ Crypto plc
  • Tom Mackay 3 2
    Tom MackayGeneral Counsel
  • Mona Lunde Martinsen
    Mona Lunde MartinsenDirector of Brand & Marketing
  • Andersen Stian web
    Stian AndersenChief Financial Officer
  • Dale Jan Ketil 8dc66748613896818f2ecfd1a03dce27
    Jan Ketil DaleCEO AK Jensen Limited
  • Detlie Gunnar web
    Gunnar DetlieCEO AK Jensen Investment Management Limited
  • Åslund Oskar 3 2
    Oskar ÅslundHead of Business Development and Token Operations
  • Pedersen ÿyvind web
    Øyvind Pedersen JrCEO AK Jensen Norway and Head of Crypto Trading
  • Alfredo 2018 color
    Alfredo OrregoHead of Growth
  • Andrei Amaritei 8dc66748613896818f2ecfd1a03dce27
    Andrei AmariteiChief Technology Officer
  • Guttormse Felicity 8dc66748613896818f2ecfd1a03dce27
    Felicity GuttormsenChief Operating Officer AK Jensen Investment Management
  • Syrstad-Marta
    Marta SyrstadHead of Legal
  • Enger Svend Erik 8dc66748613896818f2ecfd1a03dce27
    Svend Erik EngerOperations Maestro
  • Iordan Alexandra 600x400 8dc66748613896818f2ecfd1a03dce27
    Alexandra IordanHead of Client Services
  • Harvey David 8dc66748613896818f2ecfd1a03dce27
    David J. HarveyHead of Execution
  • Skundberg Geir Arne 8dc66748613896818f2ecfd1a03dce27
    Geir Arne SkundbergChief Operating Officer AK Jensen Limited

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