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About us

AKJ Crypto comes from the same team that created the AKJ Hedge Fund Platform in 2012, winner of HFM ‘Best Hedge Fund Platform’ Award in 2016, 2017 and ‘Best Hedge Fund Platform: Emerging Funds’ in 2018. AK Jensen Group Limited has spent about US$30.6 million developing the ecosystem - its brokerage, investment managers, hedge fund solution, technology and relationships with financial institutions - and has a well-established client base spread over 35 countries. This is now leveraged to provide services for the crypto economy. AK Jensen Group Limited, founded in 2003, is owned by shareholders who, combined, have more than US$20 billion in assets under management.

What We Offer

AKJ Core — the legal and regulatory infrastructure

A legal and regulatory solution for hedge funds trading in crypto assets, with regulated entities managing all components necessary to set up and manage a crypto hedge fund. Annual regulatory and infrastructure fees are shared with token holders.

AKJ PORT — the trading tools and marketplace

A portal for secure trading, storage and settlement, enabling hedge fund managers to manage crypto assets easily and efficiently at several exchanges and wallets, all in one unified interface. Revenues from transaction, storage and system fees are shared with token holders.

AKJ CRYPTO FOF — the capital introducer

The majority of the raised capital from the token sale will be invested into the AKJ Crypto fund-of-funds, that in turn invests in the top performing funds on the platform. Any appreciation of these investments will be shared with the token holders. The fund operates as a capital introduction program, helping the funds on the platform to grow faster, while also generating revenues for the token holders. The fund has no management fees.

AKJ Token

A security token that offers participation in the growth of the platform and cryptoeconomy by sharing 25% of all net revenues generated on the platform and of fund-of-fund appreciation, with token holders. All funds are also offered discounted fees for holding 2% of their value in AKJ Tokens, thus creating a second link between platform growth and token demand.

Legal and Regulatory Infrastructure

Funds on the AKJ Crypto platform are set up under the following default legal and regulatory infrastructure:

Platform scheme

Token sale details

Stage 1



30% of the tokens


Stage 2


At $200m in assets on the platform

20% of the tokens

Stage 3


At $2bn in assets on the platform

20% of the tokens


ICO participants
30% of all tokens issued
SCO (Secondary Coin Offering) participants
20% of all tokens issued
TCO (Third Coin Offering) participants
20% of all tokens issued
AKJ Crypto plc and management
20% of all tokens issued
Reward programs
10% of all tokens issued

Maximum number of tokens to be issued in the ICO
Tokens reserved for Second and Third Offering (Not partaking in revenue sharing until issued)

Maximum number of tokens to be issued in all offerings:1,000,000,000


Q4 2016

Initiate developments of AKJ Port, a single unified gateway to multiple crypto exchanges, with integrated custody and governance solutions, using AKJ ExNet order routing technology

Q1 2017

Structure the traditional AKJ Hedge Fund Platform legal and regulatory architecture to accommodate crypto assets

Q4 2017

Sign the first pilot fund on the Cayman regulatory AKJ Core


Sign the first pilot fund on the Malta regulatory AKJ Core

MARCH 2018

Establish AKJ Crypto plc as a token issuing company


Open AKJ Crypto FoF for subscriptions

Q3 2018

With the initial live hedge funds, launch AKJ Port

Q4 2018

Conduct the ICO (prospectus offer to public) for AKJ Token. Date subject to regulatory approval.

$200M AUM

With live hedge funds managing $200m on the AKJ Crypto platform, conduct the Secondary Coin Offering (SCO) to assist a ramp to $2bn in assets under management


Develop AKJ Port to include an exchange function, to evolve to a decentralized marketplace


Conduct the Third Coin Offering (TCO), selling the remaining 20% of issued tokens to bootstrap the next stage of platform growth (from $2bn to $20bn AuM), with funds raised to be held in AKJ Crypto FoF.


  • Anders Kvamme Jensen

    Chairman & CEO

    AK Jensen Group Limited

  • Sean Fitzgerald

    CEO & Head of Business Development

    AK Jensen IM Limited

  • Tom Mackay

    General Counsel and Director

    AK Jensen Group Limited

  • Oskar Åslund


    AKJ Crypto

  • Andrei Amaritei


    AKJ Crypto

  • Alessandro Palma

    Managing Director

    AK Jensen Limited

  • Felicity Guttormsen

    Head of Fund Coordination & Compliance

    AK Jensen IM Limited

  • Jan Ketil Dale

    Global Head of Sales

    AK Jensen Limited

  • Svend Erik Enger


    AK Jensen Limited

  • Alfredo Orrego

    Head of Sales CH/FR/CEE

    AK Jensen Limited

  • Zaid Guman

    Head of Sales Benelux

    AK Jensen Limited

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