AKJ Token represents a stake in AKJ Crypto, the foremost platform for hedge funds trading digital assets, and acts as a unit of a crypto fund of funds.

Why AKJ Token?

AKJ Token exemplifies the new generation of tokenized securities. It is tailor-made for the institutional investor seeking a fully compliant crypto investment with diversified exposure and true substance, as it

  • 01. offers a share in 25% of net revenues from the AKJ Crypto platform (with first crypto funds set to begin producing revenues from Q4 2018)
  • 02. allows holders to participate in the appreciation and capital introduction business of a fund of funds, managed by specialists
  • 03. ensures a secondary market with active buyers as the platform grows (funds on the platform are incentivised to hold 2% of assets in the Token)
  • 04. is a transferable security sold under EU law to professional investors only.

AKJ Crypto is operated by AK Jensen Group Limited. The group and its subsidiaries, established in 1995, are owned by shareholders, who, combined, have more than US$20 billion in assets under management. The group serves hedge fund and institutional clients in 35 countries around the world.

How it works

Revenue sharing components

AKJ Crypto FoF

AKJ Digital Assets FoF — the fund of funds and capital introducer

All free cash flow in the ecosystem, and the majority of raised capital from the token offering, will be invested in AKJ Digital Assets FoF, a fund of funds that invests in the top performing funds on the platform, encouraging rapid growth. 25% of any appreciation in the fund of funds, and of net revenues from the capital introduction business, are shared with token holders.

Read more in the Public Whitepaper
AKJ Core

AKJ Core — the legal and regulatory infrastructure

A legal and regulatory solution for hedge funds trading in digital assets, with regulated entities managing all components necessary. 25% of net revenues from annual regulatory and infrastructure fees are shared with token holders.

Read more on akj.com
AKJ Port

AKJ Port — the trading system and services

A portal for secure trading, storage and settlement, enabling hedge fund managers to manage digital assets easily and efficiently at exchanges and with custodians. 25% of all net revenues from transactions, trading systems and storage are shared with token holders.

Read more in the Public Whitepaper

Offering details

Stage one Private
Initial Security Token Offering (STO) 30% of tokens
Stage two Public
At $200m in assets on the platform 20% of tokens
Stage three Public
At $2bn in assets on the platform 20% of tokens

Token allocation

  • Stage one participants

    30% of all tokens issued

  • Development and reward programs

    10% of all tokens issued

  • Stage two participants

    20% of all tokens issued

  • AKJ Crypto plc

    20% of all tokens issued

  • Stage three participants

    20% of all tokens issued

Tokens reserved for AKJ Crypto plc will not be issued until Stage 2.

Maximum number of tokens to take part in revenue sharing until Stage 2: 400,000,000

Maximum number of Tokens ever to be issued: 1,000,000,000


  • Q4 — 2016

    Initiated developments of AKJ Port, a gateway to multiple crypto exchanges, with integration to custodians, using AKJ ExNet order routing technology.

  • Q1 — 2017

    Structured the traditional AKJ Hedge Fund Platform legal and regulatory architecture to accommodate digital assets, branded AKJ Core.

  • Q4 — 2017

    Signed the first pilot fund on AKJ Core's Cayman platform.

  • February — 2018

    Signed the first pilot fund on AKJ Core's Malta platform.

  • March — 2018

    Established AKJ Crypto plc as token issuing company, and platform administrator.

  • November — 2018

    Incorporated AKJ Digital Assets FoF to invest in selected crypto funds.

  • November — 2018

    Initiated road show for the first round of the security token offering as a private offering to professional investors.

  • December — 2018

    With the initial hedge funds live, launch AKJ Port.

  • At $200M AuM

    With live hedge funds managing $200m on the AKJ Crypto platform, conduct the second round of the security token offering, to assist a ramp to $2bn in assets under management. Raised capital will be held in AKJ Digital Assets FoF. The intended public offering is subject to regulatory approval.

  • At scale

    With strategic partners, leverage the platform and its installed client base and evolve AKJ Port to include an exchange function.

  • At $2BN AuM

    Conduct the third round of the security token offering, selling the remaining 20% of tokens to bootstrap the next stage of platform growth (from $2bn to $20bn AuM), with raised capital to be held in AKJ Digital Assets FoF.


AKJ Hedge Fund Platform is operated by a team of more than 75 members.

  • Anders
    Anders Kvamme Jensen Chairman
  • Tom
    Tom Mackay General Counsel
  • Sean
    Sean Fitzgerald Managing Director, AKJ Core
  • Neal Mitra Landscape2
    Neal Mitra Chief Administration Officer
  • Oskar
    Oskar Åslund Head of Token Operations and Business Development
  • Andrei Amaritei
    Andrei Amaritei Chief Technology Officer
  • Malhi Sher
    Sher Malhi Chief Financial Officer
  • Guttormse Felicity
    Felicity Guttormsen Head of Fund Coordination
  • Jonas Therkelsen Landscape
    Jonas Therkelsen Token Design Manager
  • Enger Svend Erik
    Svend Erik Enger Crypto Operations
  • Palma Alessandro
    Alessandro Palma Managing Director, AKJ Port
  • Dale Jan Ketil
    Jan Ketil Dale Global Head of Sales
  • Harvey David
    David J. Harvey Head of Execution
  • Skundberg Geir Arne
    Geir Arne Skundberg Chief Operating Officer
  • Portrait Placeholder1
    Alexandra Iordan Head of Client Services